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Facilities Programming

The purpose of this first phase is to establish occupancy requirements and design criteria for your new or remodeled facilities.

Initially, Business Interiors, Inc. holds a program concept meeting to establish general guidelines and discuss specific problems. We then survey your existing facilities and evaluate the physical areas, furniture and equipment.

Concurrently, our designers interview senior management, department heads, supervisors, or other personnel for assistance in determining space requirements, necessary adjacencies, reporting relationships and equipment needs.

With this information, we examine work and information flow, functional alignments, past and present system inadequacies, and anticipated growth patterns in order to determine your present requirements and anticipate future needs. All information is presented to you for verification before we proceed

Space Planning

This phase produces a detailed layout and furniture plan, which provides an efficient, productive and cost-effective work environment for your employees. Using the data and standards developed in the facilities programming phase, we prepare overall space allocation plans for your various organizational units. Blocked allocation plans for each floor permit the alignment and adjustment if inter- and intra-departmental adjacencies, work and information flow, shared facilities and overall space efficiency. This results in the single most practical and flexible layout possible.

During the development work, we explore conventional and open planning concepts of layout in order to determine which best accommodates each of your organizational units.
Emphasis is placed on requirements for workstation privacy, flexibility needed to respond to growth and change, and space utilization efficiency.

Upon approval of these allocation plans, we prepare the final detailed furniture layouts that show all furniture, equipment, personnel locations and any special requirements.

At this point, Business Interiors, Inc. prepares a preliminary construction budget, developing all estimates required for an approximate cost determination of the project, and advising on the selection of required interior materials and equipment

Interior Design

Our work in this phase provides a final design and decorative scheme, which reflects the character of your organization and enhances your employees' work environment.

Initially, Business Interiors, Inc. conducts a design concept meeting to identify the desired design image, determine the design direction for each area, select existing furniture to be reused and establish a budget range for design and decoration.

Using the above information, our staff makes those design and color studies necessary to develop a final concept for decorative treatment. This includes all furniture, lighting, color schemes, wall and window treatments, and floor coverings. Plants, graphics, art programs, accessories, and other design elements that delineate the environmental character of the various types of areas. At the same time, we develop a complete decorative budget.

All final layouts, design concepts, decorative schemes and budgets are presented to your organization for final approval prior to the preparation of any construction documents.
This presentation depicts, as completely as possible, design information and our recommendations for the completion of the program.

Construction Documents

In this phase, Business Interiors, Inc. prepares construction drawings, specifications and other materials required for the completion of the work.

The drawing include partition plans, reflected ceiling plans, lighting drawings, electrical and communications drawing, door and hardware schedules, a finish schedule and other architectural details. All documents are thoroughly checked for accuracy and compliance with lease agreements and legal regulations.

In addition, we prepare all information required by the designated engineers for their preparation of mechanical, air conditioning, electrical, and structural documents.
We also prepare the necessary detail drawings, specifications and schedules for the purchase of furniture, cabinetwork, floor coverings, and other decorative items. If you so choose, we can purchase these items on your behalf.

If requested, we can either submit all working drawings and specifications to acceptable contractors for bidding or assist in the development of a negotiated contract. In either case, we thoroughly review the submitted cost estimates; advise in their acceptance, revision, or rejection; and assist in the preparation of the required contracts.

Business Interiors, Inc. prepares all plans needed for the general contractor to obtain the necessary permits and certifications from the proper government authorities, for the progress of the project.

Construction Supervision and Project Follow Through

The prime objective of this phase is to maintain control of construction quality, work schedules and contract costs. Our experienced field representatives make job site visits to completion, in order to appraise the quality of the work and to see that the design plans are adhered to. Our Client is kept advised as to the progress of the work.

Every shop drawing is carefully checked against the contract documents. All schedules and costs are constantly monitored to assure compliance with the approved contracts.
Each invoice is checked for quantity, price and quality of installation prior to certification for payment.

Your move is planned and coordinated to assure a minimum of work disruption to your employees.

Business Interiors, Inc. remains with you after the initial occupancy in order to ascertain that the layouts meet your requirements and that the furnishings meet your expectations in both aesthetics and performance. The completion of the punch lists and any other small adjustments will be made at minimum inconvenience to you.

We recommend that an annual survey and layout review be made of staff growth and spatial needs. This enables management to monitor growth patterns and plan ahead for both large and small revisions. When the actual lost productive time and the cost of any move are considered, the value of this management control tool becomes quite apparent.












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